KI asked what the change of the EU Climate Commissioner could mean for the plastics industry in this country.


The possibilities and limits of labelling products with a recycling label are to be explored in a study, Euwid reports.


The federal government of Germany has submitted the ordinance on the levy rates and point system for the single-use plastic fund.


Guideline 4800 Sheet 1 now explicitly addresses resource conservation in addition to resource efficiency, VDI ZRE announces.


Manufacturers can document the recyclability of product packaging in a standardised way via electronic data exchange in the "Global Data Synchronisation Network" (GDSN).


The 34 winners of the German Packaging Award 2023 include ten packaging solutions that are made of plastic or contain plastic.


Sales by Germany's roughly 3,000 plastics processors fell by 4.6 per cent year-on-year from January to June 2023 to around 38 billion euros.


According to the study, a transformation of German society to a circular economy would have major positive effects on climate, resource and biodiversity protection.


Dr. Matthias Scheibitz of BASF would like to see politicians take a "leap of faith" in the new chemical recycling processes.


The project for the chemical recycling of plastic waste in Wesseling is one of the selected funding projects of the EU Innovation Fund.