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"Zentrale Stelle" reports on infringements of the Packaging Act

With immediate effect, the Zentrale Stelle publishes case reports on violations of the Packaging Act.

According to its own information, the Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZSVR) is starting this measure with large companies, as these place large quantities of packaging on the market too. The first case report deals with infringements committed by a garden centre with associated mail order business, which is one of the 5,000 largest distributors of packaging in Germany. The infringements concern sales and shipping packaging with regard to the obligations to participate in the system and to file a declaration of completeness. According to its own statements, the central office had informed the state authority of the existence of concrete indications that the garden centre might have committed administrative offences. If these were confirmed, the company would be threatened with fines that could amount to up to 100,000 euros per established offence. Also an order for a subsequent participation as well as a skimming off of profits would be possible.

A start has now been made with regard to the reports. "From now on, the ZSVR will regularly publish further case reports. This will help the companies to check their compliance in the area of product responsibility", announces Gunda Rachut, board member of ZSVR. This is also to affect auditors who have to confirm declarations of completeness or carry out other auditing activities. By publishing case reports, the Central Office is fulfilling its obligation to provide information and ensuring that companies are aware of their product responsibility, Rachut explains the measure.


  •, (19.3.2020)
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