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VDI recommendations for circular value creation

VDI sees enormous ecological and economic potential in circular value creation.

Primary raw materials could not be used endlessly. Despite this worldwide realisation, the global consumption of materials continues to rise, while further use is only taking place to a limited extent. However, the VDI association of German engineers sees enormous potential in circular value creation, both ecologically and economically. In its publication "Circular Value Creation", the authors describe the most important fields of action. One of them is that products must be designed in such a way that they can ultimately be separated into their material components in an economically and ecologically advantageous way. This would require suitable infrastructures and business models for the collection and separation of the materials in order to be able to make them available again as raw materials, either sorted by type or separated into fractions.

Consumers would have to be informed intensively about their share in growing mountains of waste on the one hand and about possibilities to participate in the circular value creation on the other hand. Easily recognisable labelling of products to indicate the product take-back systems into which they must be incorporated would be helpful. The authors also recommend an additional waste bin for batteries and electrical appliances.

More information: VDI publication "Circular value creation" (free download)


  • VDI (29.1.2020)
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