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rPET for beverage cartons

Foamed rPET could be a 100% recyclable alternative to conventional beverage packaging.

According to various trade journals, screw extruder manufacturer Leistritz has developed a material with partners that has the potential to replace existing beverage cartons: a reusable foamed film made of foamed, recycled PET. Its advantage over the beverage carton, which is said to be difficult to recycle due to the material mix, is that it is 100% recyclable. The beverage packaging would have to meet several requirements: it had to be light but robust, and it had to ensure durability and protection of the contents. So far, this would have been achieved with a composite of different materials. The foamed rPET is said to be a mono-material.
The idea to use rPET for beverage cartons would come from the Russian company ForPET. According to Sergey Nikitenko, one of the company's owners, they are currently working on establishing a commercial development centre in Russia together with investors.

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