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"Recycle your opinion" soon nationwide

The successful information campaign of the dual systems is to be expanded nationally after the pilot phase in 2020.

With posters, flyers, radio and online commercials, advertisements and editorial reporting, the dual systems are currently carrying out their pilot project to educate about proper waste separation in Euskirchen (North Rhine-Westphalia). According to the dual systems their campaign "Recycle your opinion: waste separation works" shows effect: The proportion of residual waste in the yellow bins is said to have decreased measurably and the quality of packaging waste has improved accordingly. Now the dual system operators are planning the national rollout of the campaign next year.

The dual systems once again point out that in Germany about 2.6 million tons of material are collected annually in the yellow bins and bags, of which about 70 percent are packaging and 30 percent are residual waste. Every single percent less residual waste in the system is a benefit for the environment, Axel Subklew, project manager of the pilot project, emphasizes. "This is why we see dual systems as our task, in close cooperation with the local authorities, to do everything in our communication and organisation to ensure that the packaging waste produced can be optimally separated, sorted and thus recycled," Subklew continues.


  • dual systems (2.8.2019)
  • Photo: © Reclay Holding GmbH