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PVC under the sign of sustainability

Around 60 participants visited the first German Vinyl Plus Sustainability Forum in Bonn to find out about the activities and progress of the programme.

The Working Group PVC and Environment (AgPU), which as an associated member of VinylPlus has been associated with the European Sustainability Programme since 2017, had invited the PVC industry to the Forum and the General Assembly. According to Dr Brigitte Dero, Managing Director of VinylPlus, the PVC industry did everything right 20 years ago with the voluntary commitment and its sustainability programme. VinylPlus would have recycled a total of five million tonnes of PVC since 2000. Last year, the recycling volume of around 740,000 tonnes was again at a record level, according to Dero. According to the AgPU, 43 systems from the eight largest European window profile manufacturers have already been awarded the newly introduced VinylPlus® Product Label. The sustainability label was, according to AgPU, developed together with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and The Natural Step (TNS) and can be used for PVC articles or a product group. The label would take into account responsible sourcing of raw materials and additives, closed material cycles and recycling, a sustainable energy strategy and process management requirements. This shall make it particularly easy for buyers in companies and the public sector to identify sustainable PVC products.


  • (July 9, 2019)
  • Photo: AgPU