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Prezero also in Baden-Württemberg

In addition to Prezero Dual, RK Recycling Kontor in Baden-Württemberg has also received permission to operate a dual system.

With Baden-Württemberg it is now for the first time an area state in which the dual system of Prezero, which belongs to the Schwarz Group, as well as RK Recycling Kontor may take up their business as a system operator, reports Euwid. So far, the two new systems have only been approved in Hamburg and Bremen. In Baden-Württemberg, some coordination agreements with municipalities and, in some cases, waste disposal contracts are still missing for both systems. Both must be available by the end of the year.
In addition Euwid reports about an intended Joint venture by Prezero recycling Germany with the disposal company Nehlsen from Bremen. A corresponding notification is said to have been available to the EU Commission since August. Accordingly, Prezero will hold 60 percent and Nehlsen 40 percent of the planned joint venture, which will have the purpose of sorting used light packaging. The sorting plant will be built in Bremen and will have an annual capacity of 100,000 tons. It should be ready by the beginning of next year.


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