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"Plastic tax" moved

Because of Corona, the plastic tax is postponed in Italy and the consultation period is extended in England.

In order to relieve the burden on companies already shaken by the corona pandemic, the Italian government has postponed the tax on certain plastic products planned for mid-2020 until 1 January 2021. The "plastic tax" of 45 cents per kilogram on plastic bottles, carrier bags, food containers and EPS packaging was passed in January 2020 against massive resistance from industry. Plastic packaging for medical articles and packaging materials containing recycled materials should be exempt from the tax. According to Kunststoff Information, the postponement could result in a loss of revenue of around 200 million euros for the Italian state.

Great Britain is also considering the introduction of a "recycling tax" on plastic packaging. In March, the British Minister of Finance had announced, according to KI, that from April 2022 he would levy charges of 200 British pounds (230 euros) per tonne of plastic packaging if its recycled content was below 30 per cent. The consultation phase on this tax has now had to be extended by three months due to the Corona crisis and is now to end on 30th August.


  • Plastic Information (12. and 13.05.2020)
  • Photo: © Fotolia