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Paddling for clean waters

PlasticsEurope Germany supports the Cleanup Tour 2019 of the Clean River Project e.V..

Clearing up plastic waste in German waters, educating and sensitising people - this is what the non-governmental organisation Clean River Project e.V. wants. The association of plastics producers PlasticsEurope Deutschland, which has been working for years with water sports associations, the plastics team and Messe Düsseldorf for more water protection, is this year also cooperating with the Clean River Project on the Cleanup Tour 2019. This paddle tour, during which numerous paddlers and environmentalists will rid several sections of rivers and banks of plastic waste and sensitise them to the problem of pollution, is to go from Koblenz to Berlin. Start is on 10 August in Koblenz. On 14 August, representatives of PlasticsEurope Germany and Messe Düsseldorf will also be paddling and collecting garbage in Düsseldorf.

In total, the tour is 800 river kilometres long. After several day tours, in which interested parties will also take part in sections, the Polish environmental activist Dominik Dobrowski will join in Berlin in the course of his recycling rejs from Wroclaw (Poland) to Germany. Dobrowski's project has been supported by PlasticsEurope Polska for years. The tour ends on 6 September. Until 22 September there will be an opportunity to find out more about the topic and to visit a photo art exhibition.

Video of the project

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  • PlasticsEurope Germany e.V. (7.8.2019)
  • Photo: © Clean River Project e.V.