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More climate protection with a circular economy

According to bvse, circular economy should be used and landfills closed for the EU's "extremely ambitious" climate target.

The circular economy offers opportunities for CO2 reduction that the European Union should urgently exploit, advises Herbert Snell (photo), vice president of the bvse Bundesverband Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung (German Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Disposal) . For example, he said, using recycled plastic instead of virgin material could save large amounts of CO2. At present, however, far fewer recyclates are used than would be possible because virgin plastic is so cheap, Snell complains. Because the plastics processing industry were only guided by price and less by voluntary commitments, he believes there is no way around regulatory measures to make the use of plastics more expensive if the use of recyclates is dispensed with. He also believes that the opportunities offered by the circular economy for climate protection are counteracted by the fact that plastic waste can still be legally dumped in landfills in Europe. A Europe-wide landfill ban should be implemented as quickly as possible, demands Snell. It is also important to finally give sustainable public procurement the priority it needs in Germany and Europe. Snell would see the fact that the 95th Conference of Environment Ministers decided on a special task force on the use of recycled materials (RESAG) as a positive sign.


  • (16.12.2020)
  • Photo: @ bvse