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Quantity reports from the Dual Systems still "sobering"

The evaluation of the dual system reports for the first quarter showed only slight growth for lightweight packaging.

According to a report in Euwid Recycling und Entsorgung, the Packaging Act has not yet brought the hoped-for increase in volume. The evaluation of the volume reports of the nine system operators, which was carried out for the first time by the Central Packaging Register Office, showed a slight upward trend for the first quarter. In the case of lightweight packaging (LVP), the planned quantities are almost five percent above the level of last year's comparative period. System operators have described some of the results as "sobering" and "disappointing", writes Euwid. If it remained that way until the end of the year, one or the other system operator, which had assumed higher planned quantities in its calculation, would have problems. However, both the dual systems and the foundation expect the participation quantities to grow even further. The still small increase could be connected, for example, with the catalogue for packaging subject to participation, which did not appear until the turn of the year, or with difficulties in rows of dual systems to cope with the large number of new licensed customers, it was said.


  • Euwid Recycling and Disposal 6/2019 (5.2.2019)
  • Photo: DSD