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LyondellBasell starts pilot plant for molecular recycling

The MoReTec plant in Ferrara is to return post-consumer plastic waste to its molecular form.

LyndellBasell, the global plastics, chemical and refinery company, recently started up its MoReTec plant for molecular recycling in Ferrara, Italy. With this plant, LyndellBasell is pursuing the goal of returning plastic waste from households to its molecular form and thus obtaining starting materials for new plastic materials. According to its own statements, the materials produced in this way are to be suitable for use in food packaging and healthcare products.

The pilot plant should currently be able to process between five and ten kilograms of post-consumer plastic waste per hour, including typically difficult-to-recycle plastic waste such as multi-layer films. According to the Group, one of the aims of the pilot plant is to gain an even better understanding of the interaction of the various types of waste in the molecular recycling process and to test the various catalysts. Once the tests are completed in the coming years, the next step shall be to build an industrial-scale plant.


  • (9/9/2020)
  • (8.9.2020)
  • Photo: @ LyondellBasell