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Plastics Recycling at "Kasseler Abfalltage"

The Plastics Forum at the "Kasseler Abfalltage" offered, among other things, figures on current recycled material quantities.

The 31st Kassel Waste and Resource Forum was again well attended with a total of 900 participants. Olaf Tschimpke, president of the German ecology organization NABU, gave a fitting indication on the very first day by advising that the Waste Forum should be renamed the Recycling Forum once. When the participants turned their attention to the individual sectors on the second day of the congress, this became clear right at the beginning of the "Plastics/Packaging and Energy Forum" when Christoph Lindner (photo) showed how many recycled plastics are currently being returned to the economic cycle. Lindner from Conversio Market & Strategy (Mainaschaff) has been providing the widely recognised "Material Flow Analysis for Plastics in Germany" for years on behalf of the BKV and numerous other associations of the plastics and recycling industry. The figures reported by him come from the study for 2017. As far as the reuse of recycled materials is concerned, Conversio calculated 1.9 million tonnes of recycled materials for 2017, which were available from the total amount of waste for the manufacture of products in Germany. In relation to the amount of waste, this was around 30 percent. The share of recycled plastics in the total processing volume was 12.3 percent. If only the post-consumer recyclates were considered, their share would have been 5.6 percent. According to Lindner's assessment, there is still a lot of room for improvement at this point. However, he is also currently observing numerous serious efforts in the market, such as making plastic packaging more recyclable in order to increase the amount of recycled material.

Reports on other Forum topics will follow shortly.


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