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Geton launches information campaign

With a nationwide information campaign, the Yellow Bin Initiative wants to sensitize consumers to recycling.

Together with Lidl, Kaufland and Prezero, the Geton initiative will launch a large-scale information campaign at the beginning of September to improve the separate collection of packaging waste. In around 20 cities, consumers at Lidl and Kaufland stores will be informed about the optimisation of the recycling system yellow bin/yellow sack and the recycling bin. In order to bring the topic closer to the people, game pedagogues, supported by waste consultants and employees of the consumer advice centre, offer sorting campaigns, quizzes, information and entertainment in front of the markets for one day at a time. The participants hope that the campaign will lead to an improved collection with fewer impurities. According to the information provided, the collection containers currently contain up to 60 percent of impurities and faulty throws for an annual collection volume of around 2.6 million tons of light packaging. Often younger people in particular would no longer know what belongs in which ton and why. Against the background of the high recycling rates under the Packaging Act, consumer education has a major influence on the success of the system.
After a successful test in the district of Euskirchen, where the proportion of impurities in yellow tons and yellow bags could be reduced by more than ten percent according to Geton, the dual systems want to roll out their consumer education nationwide from 2020. Geton was founded at the end of 2018 with the aim of increasing the acceptance of the recycling system in Germany among industry and consumers. In addition to the companies of the Schwarz Group, its members include the three dual systems BellandVision, DSD and Interseroh, the two disposal companies Alba and Remondis as well as the packaging manufacturer Alpla and the consumer goods group Procter & Gamble Deutschland.

    • (28.8.2019)
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