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Promotion of the Use of Recycled Materials

The German geTon initiative calls for the introduction of industry standards for recycled materials in talks with the BMU.

Against the background of the often poor collection quality in yellow bags and tons, which affects the quality and marketability of plastic recyclates, the geTon initiative recently met for talks in the German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU). The initiative includes the three dual system operators Belland Vision, DSD, Interseroh, the two disposal companies Alba and Remondis as well as the packaging manufacturer Alpla and the consumer goods group Procter & Gamble. From their point of view, there should in future be three categories for the use of recycled materials: 1. food, 2. cosmetics, 3. detergents and cleaning agents. In addition, the initiative advocates minimum usage quotas, as new products made from crude oil are currently about 20 percent cheaper than recycled materials.

Also last with the meeting of the environmental committee in the Bundestag the question was discussed "How can we recycle materials from plastic packing strengthened in the cycle?". The invited CEO of the Green Dot, Michael Wiener, pointed out the insufficient market for recyclates due to the unequal cost situation. New plastic is considerably cheaper due to the low oil price and the privilege in case of mineral oil tax, especially since external costs have so far been completely excluded. Therefore, recyclates would have to be politically promoted. Wiener and Eric Rehbock, Managing Director of bvse, called for a minimum use quota for recyclates. Rehbock also addressed the quality of collection, which urgently should be improved in order to increase the quantities of packaging waste recycled.


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