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EU Members for New Calculation Methodology

EU Member States agreed to the Commission's proposed method for calculating recycling quotas.

The calculation method is part of the European Commission's draft for the future reporting format for packaging recycling data. According to Euwid, the countries have agreed to this draft, but not yet about the calculation of recycling quotas for municipal waste. According to Euwid, the Member States had already accepted the reporting regulations for the Packaging Directive in writing in March. Among other things, the associated implementation regulations specify calculation points for the recycling quotas of the various packaging materials in order to ensure a uniform and comparable calculation of the quotas in the EU. As Euwid reports, the draft would include calculation points where packaging waste enters in a recycling process where "waste is processed into products, materials or substances that are not waste" or at the point where it ceases to be waste as a result of a preparatory process. This quantity of packaging waste shall also be the relevant quantity for the calculation of the recycled quantity. Foreign materials should only be included in the amount allowed for the specific process. On the other hand, previously separated foreign materials are not included.


  • Euwid Recycling und Entsorgung 12/2019 (9.4.2019)