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Draft for a new EU action plan

According to Euwid, the EU Commission is aiming to halve the amount of residual waste with its new circular economy management plan.

According to Euwid, the Commission intends to present its new action plan on March 4. Like reported by Euwid, to whom the draft is available, the Commission would thus be pursuing the goals of using resources more efficiently and increasing the amount of raw materials obtained from recycling. In addition, the amount of residual waste is to be halved in the coming decade. To avoid exports, the European Union should "take responsibility for its own waste and convert it into valuable secondary materials", Euwid quotes from the draft. The focus shall now be on production and consumption. By 2030 there should only be "safe, recyclable and sustainable products" on the European market. A framework for product policy is to be presented in 2021. According to Euwid, the draft only contains a few concrete details for waste policy, which is to retain an important role for the recycling industry. These would include the objective that by 2030 at the latest all packaging in the EU should be economically recyclable or reusable. Otherwise, it would be referred to initiatives to be presented in the current and next year.


  • Euwid Recycling and Waste Management 6/2020 (4.2.2020)
  • Photo: @ Pixabay