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The new BKV Report

The BKV Report 2018/2019 makes clear in a concise and descriptive form what the BKV is: competence centre of the plastics industry.

The Report 2018/2019 was published in time for this year's shareholders' meeting of the BKV. But completely different this time - in the handy landscape format, it quickly informs readers in compressed form what the competence centre for the plastics industry has to offer: Facts and figures on resource efficiency and the recycling of plastics. The briefly summarized study results illustrate where the data and facts come from. By the way, they are available to all interested parties - as one facet of the practiced product responsibility of the plastics industry.

The German report can be easily browsed on the BKV website at A PDF is available at the same place for those who like to print. The print version can be ordered informally from the BKV at info(at)