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BASF presents prototypes from ChemCycling project

At K 2019, four of BASF's project partners want to showcase the first prototypes that have been developed in the current pilot phase.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), which says to have developed a plastic assembly carrier for the first electric SUV, and the protective packaging manufacturer Storopack, which used the chemical process to manufacture insulating packaging for pharmaceutical products, boxes for transporting fresh fish and protective packaging for electrical appliances from polystyrene want to present their products at the fair. And according to the information provided, Südpack produced polyamide and polyethylene films in the chemical recycling project, which were processed into multi-layer packaging for mozzarella cheese. Through ChemCycling, the company wants to contribute to solving recycling problems with flexible packaging. And Schneider Electric will show a circuit breaker made of chemically recycled Ultramid. According to BASF, the pilot projects with customers from various industries show that products based on chemically recycled raw materials have the same high quality and performance as products made of virgin material. The certified products are labelled with the addition "Ccycled". According to Stefan Gräter, head of the ChemCycling project, BASF wants to develop the project to market maturity and thus contribute to solving the plastic waste problem as a supplement to existing recycling and reutilization processes. However, various aspects still need to be clarified before they are ready for the market. For example, in order to ensure a consistently high quality of the pyrolysis oil used in the ChemCycle process, technologies for converting plastic waste into recycling raw materials must be further developed and adapted for use on a large industrial scale. BASF is currently examining various options for supplying the company with appropriate quantities of pyrolysis oil in the long term. For chemical recycling to be accepted in the market, the regulatory authorities would have to officially recognize the process as recycling, according to BASF.


  • (July 9, 2019)
  • Photo: BASF