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Aldi bans plastic cotton swabs

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd switch to cotton swabs with paper shafts and organic cotton.

As part of the "Aldi Verpackungsmission", as the joint press release states, more sustainable cotton swabs are to be offered in all branches of the discounters. Instead of plastic, the shaft of the swab is now made of paper and the cotton wool head is now made of organic cotton wool. With this, the companies consciously want to react at an early stage to the requirements of the EU Disposable Plastics Directive, according to which cotton swabs with plastic shafts will be banned from 2021. According to the information, the plastic lid of the packaging was also changed in the course of optimization. In the north, the plastic cotton swabs have already disappeared from the shelves; only those from the "Biocura" private label are available. And in the branches in the south, only the plastic-free "Lacura" products will be available from spring 2020. By switching to paper stock and cardboard packaging, Aldi is saving around 450 tonnes of plastic in Germany every year.
The discounter has set itself the goal of reducing the use of plastics in all private label product packaging by 30 percent by the year 2025. By 2022, 100 percent of private label packaging should also be recyclable.

    • KI (29.8.2019)
    • Aldi (19.8.2019)
    • Bild: © ALDI SÜD