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With ReziProK to circular economy

The BMBF funding measure includes 25 joint research projects for the development of solutions for product circulations.

Business models, design concepts and digital technologies are to be developed with partners from industry, science and users in the 25 collaborative projects of the funding measure, with which product circulations can be closed. The research results are then to be transferred as quickly as possible into economic practice and marketable products. The aim is to strengthen companies in Germany as competitive providers of closed-loop recycling management solutions. The joint projects will cover a broad range of topics and industries. In particular, it is about promoting the use of recycled materials in areas such as construction materials, secondary plastics and in the foundry and steel industries. The funding measure of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funded with 30 million euros and will run for three years. The RessWInn networking and transfer project, coordinated by Dechema, will provide technical support for the joint projects, network them and ensure that the research results are transferred into commercial practice.


  • (4.9.2019)
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