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Research on recycling solutions

Research institutes of the Zuse Community are researching new recycling solutions for packaging plastics.

The Zuse Community, named after the computer pioneer Konrad Zuse, represents the interests of independent privately organized research institutions. Institutes of this community are currently researching the further development of plastic recycling processes. According to the Zuse Community, the reason for this is the Packaging Act, which has been in force since 1 January and requires a significant expansion and improvement of the recycling of plastics.

In view of the fact that recyclers generally do not know the recipes of their starting material during compounding, the SKZ Plastics Centre in Würzburg is recording important parameters in production such as temperature, pressure and flow properties of the material as part of an EU-funded cooperation project in order to make them available for recycling using digital technologies. With the "digital toolbox" developed from this, recyclers could ultimately produce high-quality recycling products from their input material without knowing the individual ingredients used in the new material. The Würzburg-based company would have its eye on production residues and commercial waste in particular. A project of the Institute for Plastics Technology and Recycling (IKTR), which is working with processors to develop recipes for plastic mixtures, is also addressing the production level. By using special compatibility mediators, the compounds could be used to produce moulded parts for fittings and covers. The Plastics Centre in Leipzig (KUZ) is working on injection-mouldable bio-plastic compounds for which gluten is used, according to the Zuse community.


  • (6.2.2019)
  • Photo: © SKZ