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AGVU demands independent investigation

The trade association continues to reject the planned assumption of costs for the disposal of disposable items in public spaces.

The working group packaging and environment (AGVU) had already criticized at the plans of the European Union commission the extension of the manufacturer responsibility on the cleaning and disposal of one-way articles from the public area and repeated the refusal now opposite the German legislator. Citizens should not be released from the responsibility to use the waste containers available almost everywhere for the disposal of their waste. The municipalities are requested to pursue more clearing-up in the direction of consumers, in order to prevent that wastes end up in the landscape. After all, the dual systems would pay them 21 million euros annually in ancillary fees, which should not be misused for other purposes. By means of a manufacturer's levy should not be battled against the littering of the landscape, but through citizens taking responsibility.

In addition, the AGVU chairman, Carl Dominic Klepper, calls for an independent investigation of how many disposable products and packaging incur at the public cleaning service. With regard to the own investigation announced by the VKU, the Association of Municipal Enterprises, on the amount of any costs that the manufacturers would have to bear, the AGVU demands that it must be "transparent, clean and independent" and not carried out by the financial beneficiary of the new regulation.


  • Euwid Recycling and Disposal 36/2019 (3.9.2019)
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