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    Ressource efficiency

    Plastics make an important contribution to making services and goods available
    in a resource-efficient manner. Furthermore, at the end of their service life they
    contribute to saving resources as a raw material – also as waste. Find out more

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    Market data

    In Germany, nearly 100% of plastics are recycled: Every two years, the plastics
    industry compiles a complete picture of the plastic material flow
    from production to recycling. Find out more

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    Marine Litter

    In the long run, the uncontrolled dumping of plastics into the environment inevitably
    also leads to plastics getting into the sea. In various projects, BKV highlights ways
    of avoiding this. Find out more

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    Legal framework
    of waste management

    How well recycling works and and how markets develop
    is also dependent on the legal framework. Find out more

News from the plastics industry


Bundesrat streicht Heizwertklausel

Die Heizwertklausel wird, wie es die EU-Kommission gefordert hat, aus dem Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz gestrichen.

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Recyclingsocken aus Fischernetzen

Die Handelskette Kaufland will in ihren Märkten Socken anbieten, die aus alten Fischernetzen hergestellt wurden.

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Kritik am Anstieg der EEG-Umlage

Die EEG-Umlage soll ab 2017 um einen halben Cent pro Kilowattstunde teurer werden. Der GKV kritisiert den erneuten Anstieg.

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News from the BKV


Consultic-Studie 2015

Die neue Studie "Produktion, Verarbeitung und Verwertung von Kunststoffen in Deutschland 2015" belegt den Trend zu mehr Recycling.

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We provide the data and facts to enable sound discussion

on the subjects of resource efficiency and the end-of-life of plastics

Product stewardship

The BKV makes a valuable contribution to help the German plastics industry fulfil its product responsibility. The BKV represents the entire plastics value chain.


Plastic is an ideal material for resource efficiency. What concerns us here is its potential contribution as a waste product.

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The BKV provides strategic and conceptual support, and also helps with communicational matters concerning end-of-life topics with plastics.

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Questions relating to the recycling of plastics are our forte: We draw up analyses, assessments and concepts.

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